cardio vs weights what helps fat burn faster?

Last Updated: December 28, 2020

It is a very common perception that running or cardio is an awesome way to lose weight. No matter whether you live in a city, town or in the countryside, it is possible to practice cardio or running free of charge in streets, parks and forests. Some people even buy portable treadmill machines to go for running in their own backyard. But here is the big question, Is it really the only good way to lose weight? Does a combination of cardio vs weights works in combination, lets explore.

Expecting to lose weight by calculating the number of calories you have burned during your cardio session may seem logical. This is because, to lose weight you need to spend more calories than you need in your daily intake.

The problem with cardio is that it allows you to burn calories while you are doing it. But unlike strength training, it does not increase the number of calories you burn even at rest. You only burn calories when you go to work out.

Turn Your Body Into A Calorie Burning Machine

During a weight training session, you take breaks, you may sweat less than during a biking session. But this way you build yourself a calorie-burning machine. Checkout the list of best resistance bands in Australia to help you do weight training at home.

After regular training and proper nutrition, your body will start building muscle. You may not even lose or gain weight, but it will be lean mass.

This will increase your basal metabolic rate, that is, the number of calories your body will consume even when you are not training, interesting isn't it?

As you will have understood, weight training is very advantageous in terms of fat loss. The more you increase your muscle mass, the more easily you will lose fat. In addition, this muscle mass will make it more difficult to take body fat. You will, therefore, have increased your basal metabolic rate.

Sweating doesn't necessarily mean losing weight

Many people still believe that because they sweat, they are losing fat. I don't know where this received idea comes from, but it is false. Sweating is a kind of cooling mechanism for the body. When you do physical activity, your body temperature rises and this cooling mechanism is triggered. Your body starts sweating through the body pores. This allows the body to cool down.

It should be noted that sweating is also triggered when you are stressed. The only thing you're going to lose while you are sweating is water and salt.

So, you must get away from the idea that you have to sweat a lot to lose fat. And it is very much possible to lose weight without cardio and without making you sweat to death. So, stop pedalling for hours with your sweatpants on, it's just a trick.

Does Weight Training work on the Cardio-Respiratory System?

Very often in popular beliefs out of cardio vs weights training only cardio helps in respiratory system, people imagine that the strength training practitioner is a very muscular person. They are unable to do the slightest exercise without being out of breath, just like an obese person.

However, what you need to know is that strength training does work on cardio and can even help cardio practitioners to increase their endurance. A study conducted by Italian researchers on 2 groups of young athletes has yielded interesting results. This study compared two groups of young athletes, one group practicing strength training and cardio with another group practicing only cardio. 

They had to pedal on a bike with some resistance, which was increased every minute until he was exhausted. The results showed that the group of young people practicing weight training and cardio pedalled longer and pushed resistance further than those practicing cardio alone.  So this explains how cardio vs weights works.

So if you want to lose weight without cardio, it is not a problem for respiratory cardio, quite the contrary, bodybuilding still works your heart.

Can You Lose Weight Without Cardio?

To give you a simple and effective answer, yes, it is possible to lose weight without cardio, just do some weight training. It is even the best solution to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass.

On the other hand, cardio does indeed make you lose weight, but in this case, you also loose muscle. This reason is that to be enduring, the body needs to be as light as possible.

However, you can practice cardio if it is the type of activity you enjoy and if your goal is to be good in endurance sports such as cycling, running, etc.
In any case, it is always good to be physically active, rather than doing nothing at all.


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