Best tower fan in Australia 2020

Last Updated: December 24, 2020

Australian summers are quite hot and you need some really efficient devices to beat the heat. Air conditioners are an option but if you want to cool a small area instead of the entire room, tower fans are an effective and elegant choice. Checkout further for tower fan reviews. In this article we are going to review best tower fan in Australia.


Investing in a good tower fan can be a real game changer this summer and many more to come. It adds to the décor of the house besides giving you the much needed burst of cool air directly on the area where you want it. Besides an efficient cooling solution, it is also an energy-efficient device.

What is great about them is that some models come with a built-in air purifier. Also read buying guide and reviews for best air purifier in Australia.

They offer you both the cool air when you need it and purified air all year round. Some of these models offer both cool and hot air, which means you can use them both in the summer and the winter.

No doubt, your tower fan can be of great advantage, but there is a caveat. There are hundreds of brands and models of tower fans available in the market, which one should you buy?

A common mistake people do while buying a tower fan is that they bring home a device that does not fully serve their purpose. We have tried to put together a workable buying guide for you so that you can avoid the common pitfalls and bring home a device that stays and serves you for a long time to come.

Let's first go through the list of some of the best tower fan in Australia, then we can dive into more technical details and read through buying guide.

Best tower fan in Australia

Here is a slim tower fan that is just perfect for your bedroom or the living room. It can also be a good addition to smaller homes such as granny flats.

It’s compact and high-performance, with two airflow modes - Rhythm Wind and Evenly Distributed. Rhythm Wind is designed to give a natural wind feel. This cooling appliance is equipped with a dust-free filter capable of collecting and sterilising dust particles. This gives your home a cleaner air.

DeLonghi Tower Fan is a fuss-free cooling device. It has 3 fan speeds and a countdown timer up to 7 hours which can be extended by another one hour.

It has an oscillation feature that makes for a uniform airflow throughout the room. If you like a more natural air flow, you can opt for the Rhythm Wind Mode.

On top edge there is a control panel that allows for an easy manual control. At the same time, it can be operated by a remote control.

Checkout below video for Delonghi Tower fan review

What we like

  • Dust-proof filter collecting and sterilising dust particles
  • Rhythm Wind Mode for natural wind flow
  • Oscillation feature for an evenly distributed airflow
  • Control panel as well as remote-control operation

What we don't like

  • Can feel noisy to some people

This is a tower fan with both hot and cool air options. So you can use it round the year. In summer, it will give you cold air and in winter it will give your hot air. It has an air-multiplier as well as Dyson’s famous Jet Focus technologies. These technologies enable it to push the air in a precise and focused manner. This means it does not tend to heat or cool the entire room but focuses only on you whether with hot or cold air.

Dyson AM09  a stylish device that will add to the décor of the space where it stands. It’s uniquely designed and boasts efficient engineering. It has a distinct high-end appeal. Its sleek premium look is further enhanced by the matt finish.

It is available in black / blue color option. It has a single power switch, giving it a neat and clean look. There is no on-board control but all of it has been transferred to a compact remote.

Checkout below review video for cool details

What we like

  • Powerful fan does the heating & cooling efficiently
  • With hot and cool feature it can be used all year round
  • Equipped with thermostat that maintains the selected temperature
  • No burning smell as there is no exposed heating device

What we don't like

  • Does not give out hot air as far as claimed

This is a great cooling device for your home or office in the Australian summer. Omega Altise combines both style and functionality. It stands 112 cm tall and needs 90W of energy for operation. There are 3 fans placed vertically and any of which can work independently.

It distributes the air evenly all across your room. Your Omega Altise 112 cm has a smart design and it is good for a small room or a small office. You can place it in one corner of your room where it will not take much space.

This fan has a compact built and its fans come with 3 speed and 3 mode settings. The tower fan can be operated with its remote control for which there is a hidden slot in the fan’s body. The fans have a 90-degree oscillation and it ensures you have the air evenly distributed all across the room. You can pre-set this tower fan on a 7.5 hour timer.

What we like

  • Features three fans each of which works independently
  • High, medium, and low speed settings
  • Normal, natural, and sleep mode settings
  • Possible to pre-set on 7.5 hour timer
  • Comes with a remote control with a hidden storage in the fan

What we don't like

  • Available in only black color

It's a lightweight and very well-designed tower fan from Sunbeam. With its weight and design, you would like to carry it around multiple times.

When it comes to airflow, this tower fan has a great reach and goes everywhere in your room. It comes with a remote control to operate it. The fan has a storage slot for the remote control in its rear side.

In terms of looks and style, it’s an awesome fan with a gorgeous and stylish look. It’s slim and quiet. It’s also easy to operate. Your living room looks way more elegant with this tower fan in it. You can run it day and night without stopping.

It is designed to operate through the night but not disturb you in your sleep. In its night mode, it does not have too many flashy lights on. Rather, it has a dim light for the night. It ensures there is enough darkness to keep you in sound sleep. It has a timer feature that allows you to pre-set the fan at 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. It will automatically start as per the time you have set.

Checkout below review video for a comparable model (FA7250) from Sunbeam

What we like

  • With 3 fan speeds, it offers different options for a perfect comfort level
  • It’s a slim fan that’s powerful and tall enough to provide efficient air flow
  • It's timer settings and remote control operation offer maximum comfort
  • It’s lightweight that makes taking it around an easy affair

What we don't like

  • Does not have an on/off switch
  • Too lightweight makes it bit unstable and wobbly

Dyson TP04 Pure Cool is both a tower fan and an air-purifier built in one nice device. It purifies harmful pollutants as minute as 0.1 microns and gases through its HEPA filter. After purifying the air, it projects clean air into your room through the air-multiplier technique that ensures the airflow is evenly distributed in the entire coverage area.

It senses and traps pollutants in real time. It detects pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, No2 and VOC and reports to the Dyson app in real time. The tower fan is equipped with glass HEPA and carbon activated filters that trap all these pollutants very efficiently. These filters are able to cover 360-degree areas for detection and trapping of pollutants. This tower fan delivers 290 litres of purified and fresh air per second.

You can adjust its oscillation angle in the range of 45 to 360 degrees depending on where you want to project the purified air. It can also work independently as an air-purifier without giving you the cool air. So it can cool you in the summer and give purified air all year round.

Checkout the details review video

What we like

  • Equipped with HEPA and carbon activated filters to provide you with purified air
  • You can adjust the oscillation between 45 and 360 degrees for precise air projection
  • Filter comes with built-in notification for replacement, low maintenance
  • It’s night time setting is designed to give you least of obstruction in your sleep

What we don't like

  • It’s a little expensive than other tower fans

Advantages and buying guide

A tower fan has many features compared to other kinds of fans, particularly ceiling fans and pedestal fans. Your tower fan can come with heating and air purifying options including HEPA, carbon activated and ionizer filters, and thermostats for efficient temperature control.

To top it all, you may be able to control all these features with product specific apps on your smartphone. Tower fans have an amazing range of sizes and styles and you can always find extraordinary designs to increase your home’s aesthetics. We have covered most of the aspects you should consider before choosing a specific model for yourself.


The power or capacity of your tower fan is denoted by something called CFM (cubic feet per minute). If you are looking for a stronger air flow and more intense cooling, you should go for a machine with a higher CFM rating.

Don’t fall for speed settings. They can be many and you may not get the kind of airflow you wanted even at the highest settings. The coverage area will depend on oscillation that we will cover separately later in this guide.

Bladed and Bladeless

Tower fans come with this unique specification - bladed and bladeless. The bladeless version is typically more expensive and they are not bladeless, after all. The blades are just hidden inside. This kind of tower fan is quieter and easier to clean. They are also more expensive but can have a higher CFM and bigger coverage area.

Noise and Sleep Features

Some of the tower fans can be quite noisy. If you have difficulty sleeping with noise, this can be a serious obstacle in a good night’s sleep. While different brands and models of tower fans would have the decibel levels mentioned on the packaging, you may not have an idea how much decibel will be too much for your bedroom.

You can measure the sound level with this small guide that a 50 decibel sound will sound like a normal conversation while a 20 decibel wound will sound like whispering. Naturally, you would not want your tower fan to be more than 50 decibel (dBA).

Another thing is that there can be some LED lights in your tower fan that may interfere with your sleep by keeping your bedroom unduly bright. While buying check your tower fan on these counts and settle for one that is both quiet and an efficiently sleep mode feature.


The market is flooded with tower fans in different colours, styles, sizes, and aesthetic appeals. You can choose what you like the most. But there is one that you need to pay more attention to. It’s about the stability of the fan you are buying. Typically, tower fans are extremely slim devices that can wobble and be unstable especially when you crank it up. Find a design with a more stable stand.


All tower fans will have an oscillation and timer feature but an oscillation with a greater degree of rotation and a timer with a greater length are better.


You can get 8 to 12 hours of timer feature but the increment at which you can set the time is also a consideration. Some models will allow you to set it for every 30 minutes while others may have a 2 hour increment time.


Oscillation indicates the range from left to right your fan will move. This has a bearing on the coverage area. How fast your fan goes from left to right and back matters how the air is distributed.


Some machines can have 3-4 speed settings while others can have up to 10. These machines will also have sleep and calm breeze settings. Probe yourself what you are looking for.

Touch screen panels, LED lights & remote control

Some models may not have many controls on the device. They transfer them to the remote control. Some models may have bright LED lights on even in the sleep mode. Think about your preferences on these matters before buying.

Filters and Ionizers

Some high-end models come with advanced air-purifying features such as HEPA and carbon activated filter. Some have Ionizers too. If you have allergies these devices can be a better option for you.

Warranty and customer care

Finally, you should look at the warranty and the quality of customer care. Typically, the warranty period will be from 2 to 5 years. You also check out if the manufacturer maintains service centers in case you need some repairing.

If you are able to take care of these guidelines, you will most likely bring home a tower fan that will serve you to your satisfaction.

Let's conclude

We have presented review of 5 best tower fans in Australia and tower fan buying guide. If budget is not a constraint and you want a device which can be used through out a year, then you should go for Dyson AM09. Looking for something trendy and sleek which easily mix with the home decor and efficiently cools your room, then Sunbeam 121cm Super Slim Tower Fan can be a right choice.

We hope this should help you select a good model for your Australian summer and beyond. Happy Shopping!


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