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Last Updated: January 11, 2021

Looking for best hair curler reviews in Australia? ShopEasy brings you unbiased automatic hair curler reviews. We have made sure to provide answers to all your queries here!

Just like the saying goes: the grass is always greener on the other side. Those of us with natural, lush, straight hair want cool curls and those with curly hair want to have it straightened out. What if you could have the best of both worlds depending on the situation? That is exactly why we own hair curlers and give our looks that extra push taking it to the next level for special occasions.

All of that sounds amazing, but when you go online to buy your automatic hair curler full of hope and dreams, suddenly you realize there are just infinite options! How to choose the best hair curler? Well, worry not because you are in the right place. Read on and find our verdict in the end. We've gone that extra mile for you and tried the best in the market just to tell you which is the one for you.

The best of both worlds is now possible; make your hair jaw-dropping gorgeous with no effort using the best hair curler in Australia!

How to find the best hair curler for your hair?

The best hair curler for you will depend largely on your hair type and the result you want. In other words, it all starts and ends with you and your marvellous uniqueness. Thus, before you even think of an automatic hair curler, triple barrel, or wand, let's find out what kind of hair you have and what the options are:

Soft curls/waves

Some hair curlers Australia will allow you to achieve the _waves_ look on your hair. Bear in mind that the finer the hair, the less effort you need to cause a deep effect on it. On the other hand, the coarser, thicker hair you have, the more effort and temperature you'll need. Hence, the material, the size, and the temperature will make a huge difference (more on this in our buying guide further down).

To create this effect, you'll need to use a big-sized curling wand, or a triple barrel waver. This tool will allow you to create a more natural effect that is often associated with the beach and a more casual look. In case you have perfectly straight hair, this can be a great way to make a non-drastic change and give it some movement to help it light up your face.

On the good side, these kinds of hair curlers are among the cheapest and easier to find ones in the market. On the not-so-good side, you'll need practice to achieve perfection because they are not automatic hair curler. Worry not, though, because you'll master it in no time.

Small curls/coils

This is a great option when you have an important event coming up and want to take your looks to the next level. Indeed, with the best hair curler Australia you can achieve hair-salon results at home with your mirror. If your dress screams for a cascade of curly hair coming down your shoulders, then utilizing a good hair curler to create coils and small curls can be exactly what you need.

To achieve these better-defined, more complex results, you'll need a more powerful machine. Don't get me wrong, if you go to a hair salon, a professional will turn your straight hair into a coil mountain with a simple wand as if it was a Harry Potter trick. On the other hand, doing that alone at home can be a tad difficult.

For this reason, the best purchase for this category is an automatic hair curler which will do the hard work for you. Furthermore, most of these apparatus have selectable temperatures and automatic programs to suit any hair type and achieve optimum results. Although they can be the perfect solution, bear in mind they tend to cost more than the wand-type curlers.

Now that we have been through the basics on how to choose the best hair curler, it is time to meet the contestants and reach a verdict. You'll find the best models in the Australian market today and also a short buying guide with some FAQs at the end of the article.

Hair curler reviews

Let's see details for the best hair curler in the Australian market

This is an automatic hair curler that can be the best hair curler for you if you are looking for defined curls rather than simple waves. The design, although a tad heavy, is very soft and visually appealing.

Let's begin by saying that the learning curve on this machine is absolutely zero. Indeed, you don't need to have any experience or to look ridiculous on your first attempts; the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum really emphasizes the word automatic. All you need is to read the instructions so you know what the perfect settings for your hair are and then let this automatic hair curler do its magic.

You can check this official VS Sassoon hair curler video to get a little glimpse at its features.

For those with fine to regular hair, this machine works wonders. On the other hand, if you happen to have a somewhat thick, coarse type of hair, even the highest setting might not create the desired result. This is largely due to its top temperature being set at 200, which might seem like a lot, but will not convince your stubborn hair.

On the good side, this hair curler is extremely easy to use and there are no chances of burning your fingers because all the heat is contained. On the other hand, it will only allow a little amount of hair in at the time making the task a little too time-consuming if you have really long hair.

This is the best hair curler Australia for beginners and people who don't wish to learn with a regular wand.

If you want to know how to use vs sassoon curl secret hair curler, check out below video

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic operation
  • Choose from different presets
  • 200 maximum temperature
  • Accommodates most hair types
  • Ideal for beginners

What we don't like

  • Can be time consuming if you have got long hair
  • May not work for thick and coarse type of hair

This is a more traditional approach when compared to the above apparatus and only employs what we call "a wand". It features a beautiful rose gold look and some pro features that make its presence in this podium more than well deserved.

First, let's talk about the material because titanium is the lightest, most effective material in the market today. Moreover, it is the number one choice for most hair-styling professionals in the world. We'll discuss materials more in-depth on our buying guide further down, but it is worth mentioning it is made of titanium because it is not common at this price range.

Second, let's just say that the LCD display to show the temperature is very welcome. Also, the cool tip above is great to prevent finger burning. In the same vein, the little stand on the side is great to put it down on the table as you're getting your hair ready.

Although it is fairly self-explanatory and easy to use, this type of hair curler does require some practice to make perfection. You need to be able to handle your hair with precision and that can take time to master. If you are not new to hair curlers and want a professional tool to work with at home, this can be a great choice for you.

To see it in action, you can check this video

What we like

  • Titanium-made
  • LCD display for temperature
  • Rose-gold elegant finish
  • Cold tip to avoid finger burning
  • Mini-stand to leave it on the table

What we don't like

  • May not be appropriate for beginners

This is another proud Australian-made product that works great on most kinds of hairs and that ranks really high on this best hair curler Australia rundown. The big difference between this model and the previous one is the wand itself being made of ceramic rather than titanium. Although titanium is the number one choice for hairstylists, ceramic is the most popular material for hair-style products in the world.

We are covering the material section in our buying guide before the verdict, but it is good to mention that this model adds a soothing effect to your hair. This is to say that you'll be hitting two birds with one stone giving your hair a beautiful look and also a great feel. Also, the ceramic plate makes this wand (also called "curling tong" because of the clamp) perfect for those with thinner hair. It not only curls and smooth your hair; it also takes great care of it.

Out of all the hair curlers Australia, if you have thin or damaged hair, the best hair curler for you might be this ceramic specimen. Furthermore, it looks amazing in the gold finish.

You can check this video to see it in action (its bigger 32mm version).

What we like

  • Ceramic wand
  • Cold tip to avoid burning
  • Clamp for ease of use
  • Gold finish

What we don't like

  • ??

For those after the most natural results possible, the conical shape on a curling wand is a wonderful thing. As you might know, natural curls start wide and big and end in a tiny little curl at the tip. With a conical wand like this one (and a little practice), you'll achieve exactly that result. The size at the root is 32mm and at the tip is 19mm; more than enough difference for a great, natural look.

The clamp-less design on this curling iron requires some abilities but the cool tip and the 360swivel cord make handling a breeze. Let me tell you that the grip on the handle is great and the LCD display allows you to stay in control all the time.

The ceramic part of the wand adds to the natural "healthy & casual" look by smoothing your hair while taking away the frizz. If you know your ways with a curling iron and look for a natural, effortless look, this might be a perfect choice.

What we like

  • Heat glove included
  • Conical design for natural curls
  • Ceramic wand makes your hair smooth and shiny
  • Frizz-free curls
  • 25 heat settings available

What we don't like

  • Need some practice to achieve great result

Unless you have been living inside a human-sized Tupper Ware, I'm sure you've heard about GHD. This brand creates bestsellers that make our lives much easier. This is, by no means, an exception. Furthermore, in the rundown for the best hair curler, the name GHD was ensured at least one spot. But we have got 3 in the list.

Let's begin with this "creative" curl wand which allows users to create all kinds of looks with a very simple tool. Opposite to what the previous model offered, this candidate in the rundown of the best hair curlers in Australia is set in only one temperature: 185 degrees. For the brand, this is the temperature in which human hair responds the best and prevents any kind of damage from burning.

On the good side, this curler lives up to its name allowing you to get as creative as you want and use it to roll your hair in many different ways. For example, you can check below video and learn how to curl hair with ghd curler and give your hair that beach look that is so cool on summer days. Also, the included heat glove is great to avoid getting your hands burnt trying to master the instrument.

On the not-so-good side, the fixed temperature might not be for everyone. For example, if you have chemically-treated or thin hair, you'll be burning it in no time. On the contrary, for those with thick, or coarse hair, it won't be enough for good curling.

This can be the best hair curler for you if you have experience in working with a wand and want to use it on seldom occasions. For a more detailed video of the wand in action, you can check this video.

What we like

  • Allows for creative curling
  • Included heat glove
  • Great brand support
  • Stand for the table
  • Auto-sleep in 30 minutes

What we don't like

  • Fixed temperature
  • Requires some experience to use this wand
  • Not suitable for daily use

The same company also created this curling tong for those who are not seasoned curlers and need the help of the clamp to work their magic. Being able to use the spring-loaded clamp paves the road to a perfect result but might also limit your creativity a little.

On the good side, the people at GHD created a product that can give you a professional result with minimal effort. The craftsmanship is superb and the ease of use is among the best you'll find in the market. The clamp is a great first step away from automatic hair curler and before wands.

Also, as you can see in this video, it is very handy for a variety of quick solutions in terms of hairstyling.

On the not-so-good side, there is no heat glove or thermal bag to carry it around despite it features universal voltage compatibility. Furthermore, the competition at this price point features both. The fixed temperature might be an issue for some people as well.

If you are not-so-experienced in the art of curling thy hair; and you want a high-quality product, this might be the perfect hair curler for you.

For an in-depth review on how to curl hair with ghd curler, you can check this video.

What we like

  • Clamp for ease of use
  • Flawless craftsmanship
  • GHD backup
  • Great results with minimal effort
  • Virtually no experience required

What we don't like

  • Fixed temperature
  • No thermal bag

The classic approach to curl tongs from GHD packs almost the same features as the above model but takes the results a step further. While the Soft Curve model features a 32mm barrel, the Classic Curl features a smaller, 26mm barrel that creates rounder, easier to manoeuvre curls. Indeed, the most recommended size for beginners to intermediates is 26mm.

We'll discuss barrel sizes in a few lines in our buyer's guide before the verdict.

If the definition of best hair curler in Australia for you includes one to spend your learning curve with, this might be it.

You can check this video to see it in action.

What we like

  • 26mm barrel
  • Ceramic coating
  • GHD backup and support
  • Virtually no experience required

What we don't like

  • Fixed temperature at 185 degrees

Last but definitely not least; this Remington hair curler packs everything you need into a very convenient package. To begin with, the ceramic coating on the barrel is infused with Shea oil and UV filters honouring the "infinite protect" name. Furthermore, in the same vein, the smart sensor fitted underneath the barrel detects hair contact and automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent overheating.

On the good side, the Remington Infinite Protect features 5 temperature settings including a boost for small and quick touch-ups. It heats up in only 30 seconds and can provide temperatures ranging between 140 to 210 degrees, which is more than enough to be suitable for any kind of hair. Finally, it comes with a thermal-ready pouch to carry it around safely.

On the not-so-great side of things, the temperature settings button is right where you put your hand to manoeuvre the apparatus. Thus, you'd be hitting it non-stop while you use it on your hair. It does have a "lock" button so you won't change values but it will make you nervous anyway.

If you are looking for a great product at a very competitive price and have a little experience curling your hair, this might be it.

Here's a little promotional video for you to see it in action.

What we like

  • UV protection
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Boost mode for touch-ups
  • Heat-proof carrying pouch
  • 30-second heat up time

What we don't like

  • Poor placement of temperature button

Hair Curler Buying Guide

As we said at the beginning, the best hair curler is the one that best suits your needs. Because you know yourself better than anyone else, let's take a look at the things to bear in mind before your purchase.

Let's talk materials

You'll find hair curlers in Australia made of different materials. This might indeed be confusing, but don't worry, we are here to solve it for you. Read on and understand the differences before making an informed decision.


This is the most-used material for hair curlers in the world. It is great for smoothing the hair and is capable of achieving heat consistency in every inch of the barrel. It heats up very fast and applies to every hair type. On the other hand, it is more fragile than other materials.


Super light-weight and durable, titanium is capable of achieving very high temperatures consistently throughout the barrel. For people with coarse, thick, stubborn, unruly hair, titanium is the best antidote.


Tourmaline is great for the hair because it releases negative ions that eliminate frizz. Also, the ions work on the hair's cuticle making it smoother and shinier. The best of it all is that it can achieve amazing results with relatively low temperatures, making it great for people with thin or chemically-treated hair.

Let's talk sizes

The best hair curler Australia is going to be the one that best suits your needs in terms of results. It is not the same to go for those glamorous, Hollywood-worth tiny coils than going for a beach vibe with long, big curls. Let's talk sizes to clear this out:

Small barrel (less than 19mm)

This is the ideal size for those with short or very thin hair or in the search for a perm look, spiral locks, corkscrew curls, and coils.

Big barrel (above 19mm)

For people with longer, thicker hair and in the search for a more natural result such as waves, the bigger, the better. The only concern you need to bear in mind is that a bigger barrel might also require more skill to manoeuvre.

Let's talk temperature

Damaging your hair in the name of fashion is no one's definition of fun. You can always style your hair in different ways while keeping it healthy as long as you take some precautions. Whether you use an automatic hair curler, a wand, or a tong, bear this in mind:

  • To 150 – Thin, unhealthy, porous, damaged hair
  • To 180 – Chemically-treated, porous, thin, healthy hair
  • To 200 – Normal, healthy hair
  • To 240 – Thick, curly, unruly, stubborn, strong hair

Hair Curler FAQs

Because no best hair curler rundown would be complete without FAQs, here's our effort to remove all your doubts.

Do I need a heat protector before curling my hair?

Many hair curlers in Australia can go up to 240, which can severely damage your hair. Regardless of your hair type and intended result, you need to use a hair protector as a must before every session.

How do I clean my curling iron?

Even the best hair curler needs cleaning. For that endeavour, you need to get yourself a very old toothbrush and follow this very simple guide.

Can I use hairspray before my curling iron?

Even if using an automatic hair curler, the answer is absolutely not. Heat and hairspray are not at all good friends and you might even damage your hair in the long run. The best thing is to apply it after your hair is nice, curly, and cooled down.


Our rundown for the best hair curler in Australia for 2021 has come to an end and it is time we conclude our research. I would say that for those starting out, the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum Hair Curler is the best first step in the curling world. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned curler, you'll achieve the best, most creative results with the Silver Bullet Fastlane Large Ceramic Conical Curling Iron. Finally, those with thick, coarse hair will get the best results from the Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Curling Iron.

Although there are many hair curlers in Australia, the best hair curler will always be the one that suits your needs the best. Make a wise choice and enjoy your hair exactly how you want it every day. Happy hair curling!


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