Best Front Load Washing Machine In Australia: Samsung, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel

Last Updated: December 30, 2020

Let's face it, washing our clothes is something that no one in the world can escape from. Whether you do it yourself or send it to a laundry mat, all clothing goes through water and soap regularly. The time has come to finally take that step. You have decided to buy a best front load washing machine and start doing it yourself at home.


Now that you are looking for new washing machine, the biggest question is how and where to start your search? Yes, options in the market are virtually endless. You will hear that a Bosch front load washing machine is everything you need. The next store will tell you that a Samsung front load washing machine is the answer to all your needs. Don't fall into despair, you are in the right place to checkout best front loader brands in Australia.

Are you ready to meet your next  best washing machine? We have put together the ultimate list of the best five currently in the market. Let's go through a quick buyer's guide and then the candidates!

Buyer's Guide

Buying a front load washing machine requires you to understand which features make it the ideal one for your home. We are going to go through jargon translating it into benefits. Also, you'll get some tips on how to measure the space and load volume you need. Let's get right into it.

Measure the space

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is not uncommon for people to buy a washing machine first and worry about the space later. Washing machines are vibrating; physically big machines that need room to operate. Let's go through two small tricks that will ensure you are doing things the right way:

  • Add an inch on each side and one on top - Once you've measured the space for your washing machine, take an extra inch on each side and one on top. This is to prevent any kind of object from touching the washing machine while it's spinning at full speed. You can potentially damage objects and the washing machine itself. So, add those inches to be sure.
  • Pay attention to the door - Front-loading washing machines have a door in the front. You need to remember this when looking for the space to place it. When measuring the total depth of the apparatus add the door fully open and this way you'll never make a mistake.

Noise Levels

Washing machines are loud. This is a fact, at least for now, no brand came up with a completely silent model. This is not something to bear in mind if you are going to place it in the laundry or the basement. However, if your laundry machine is to be in the kitchen, for example, noise is a major factor you need to pay attention to. So, depending on where you'll place the machine, think and ask how loud it actually is.

How much can you wash at once?

Washing machines have a limit in terms of how many clothes you can wash at once. This might seem like an obvious thing, but there are two aspects you need to bear in mind before making the purchase:

Measure your current dirty clothes pile

The math, in this case, is very simple: the higher the number of people using the same washing machine, the higher the capacity it needs to have. Plus, if you own a king-size bed, you'll need some extra capacity for those larger-than-life sheets and cover.

For a family, you should aim above 10kg especially if you have pre-teen or teen children. For one person or a couple, anything between 7 and 10kg is ok. A great way to do this is to measure your current dirty clothes using the following rule: the equivalent to 6-10 towels is 7.5-9kg. A 12kg washing machine can load up to 17.

Half load and quick wash

If you are a single person or even a couple using a laundry machine with a high capacity, you might be very inefficient. Some washing machines have the option for half a load and others allow you to wash 2kg in half an hour, for example. This allows you to wash your clothes more often not wasting water, electricity or soap.

Waiting until you reach the 10kg mark of dirty clothing can mean running out of clean shirts for the week, for example. So, these are great features to look for in the unit you'll buy if you are not a big family.


Regardless of the brand and model of the front load washing machine you buy, it is a vibrating machine. This type of washing machine vibrates on a horizontal axis, just like a dryer would. This means that it will cause rumble all around it because vibrations transfer to the floor immediately. This can lead to scenarios like your downstairs neighbours pounding at your door because of your laundry machine disrupting their sleep. To avoid that, if you live in an apartment building, check the manufacturer's statement about vibration levels on the unit and choose the lowest one.


Home appliances have become increasingly more complex with time. A few decades ago, automatic washing machines were breaking news and now they even have a Wi-Fi connection and a dedicated app. But are all these bells and whistles right for you or just useless luxury? Let's break them down and go through each so you can make an informed decision.

Electronic display

Back in the day, washing machines used to have a rotating wheel to select the kind of washing you wanted. Nowadays, this has changed drastically and many models offer state of the art electronic displays with all the info you need (sometimes even more). If you are deep into technology, this might be something you want. On the other hand, if you favour simpler, straight-forward operation, the rotating wheel gets the job done too.

Automatic load sensing

Going back to our example above, when you have a large family group to wash clothes for, you might try to fit more than possible in the washing machine. You need clean clothes and so do your children. Now, to avoid overloading the washing machine and the risk to damage it, some come with a load sensor that tells you when you’ve gone too far. Also, the machine uses just the right amount of water and soap for the weight of clothes you put in making the wash more efficient.

Temperature control

While most washing machines come with factory presets to accommodate different types of fabric, it is a wise idea to create a custom preset for some of your more delicate pieces. In this sense, water-temperature control is key for your clothes to remain the size you bought them. If you will not go hands-in with it and use only factory presets it might not be a useful feature for you. On the other hand, with this feature and a little tweaking, you can have your clothes exactly how you like them daily.

Overnight washing

This is a definite must for those who have time constraints. Most of the time, the clothes come out of your washing machine ready for ironing and wearing (or just wearing, most likely). If you are on a tight schedule often, this can be a very handy option.

Smart features

Virtually every piece of electronic technology has got a smart-connectivity option these days. In the case of a laundry machine, it allows you to monitor washing cycles and, in some models, even do "Smart diagnosis" and check directly with the manufacturer. If you are a tech-savvy person who will go deep into it, you will be greatly benefitted. Otherwise, you'll spend extra money on a feature you won't necessarily use.

Best Front Load Washing Machine

With a very affordable price tag and some of the company's most advanced features at hand, this Samsung front load washer is a serious contender for the title.

It is a 7.5kg machine which makes it ideal for a couple with no kids or a single owner. The fact that you can just use the "Quick Wash" mode to clean up to 2kg of clothing in half an hour can be a saviour for busy days.

Also, the Steam Cycles do add certain tranquillity to those concerned about bacteria. According to Samsung, they tried it in third party laboratories and the result was 99.9% of bacteria reduction in most cycles.

Finally, the "Smart Check" feature allows you to troubleshoot anything going wrong with the machine and get useful answers right in your app. It is important to add that some of the parts inside the motor offer 11 years of warranty.

Perhaps the only drawback in this front load washing machine is that it can be a tad noisy for most people. If you don't have a problem with noise and vibration and can benefit from a smaller load, this might be the washing machine for you. You can check this cool review video.

What we like

  • Quick wash to clean 2kg in half an hour
  • Steam cycles to kill bacteria
  • Eleven years of warranty on selected engine parts, two-year warranty overall
  • Smart Check allows you to detect, diagnose and solve issues with the app
  • Energy rating: 4 Stars
  • Water rating: 4.5 Stars

What we don't like

  • It is bit noisy

This brand manufactures top-notch electronic appliances and this front load washing machine is no exception. It is a blend of high capacity and ease of use that can make your life better.

Because of its size (12kg load), it can easily accommodate an entire family as well as your king size bed sheets and cover. Although it is a big-size washer, it is a low-consumption one rating very high in water and electricity saving.

With what the company called "Vortex wash" you can do half-hour cycles without sacrificing fabric care or cleaning quality. The auto-dosing feature for the detergent allows you to fill the receptacle and let it dose it wash after wash without refilling it immediately.

Adding to that, ActiveIntelligence technology takes into consideration the soil level and size of the load to optimize water and soap consumption.

Although it is not on the cheap side of the spectrum, this washing machine with its 14 factory cycles and fine-tuning possibilities can give you and your family the washing experience you were looking for.

You can watch Sofie explore this washer and a dryer here.

What we like

  • ActiveIntelligence Technology for optimized programs
  • 14 different cycles
  • LCD Display
  • Quick cycles of 30 minutes
  • 12kg of loading capacity
  • Energy and Water rating: 4.5 Stars

What we don't like

  • It is quite expensive

This LG front load washing machine is meant for couples or solo owners with its 7.5kg of loading capacity. While this might sound as a restriction, LG turned a flaw into a strong point by giving the machine the perfect narrowness and depth to fit most spaces. Actually, with only 53.5cm, this washing machine is perfect for those with limited space.

Don't let the modest dimensions of this machine mislead you; the AI Direct Drive technology is quite astonishing. It will automatically detect load weight and fabric softness and choose the perfect program for it on your behalf.

The "Allergy Care" mode is great for washing bed sheets treating them with steam to get rid of allergens, bacteria, and pollen if any.

Finally, being direct drive instead of belt drive and featuring an inverted direct drive motor allows a more silent operation than most of the competition. If you are looking for a convenient, easy to use, not-so-expensive washing machine and have little space, this might be it.

You can learn more about the AIDD technology in this video.

What we like

  • AI Direct Drive automatically selects the best program for your current load
  • "Allergy Care" mode to steam bacteria out of your clothes
  • Inverted direct-drive motor for silent functioning
  • 53.5 cm deep making it perfect for narrow spaces
  • Energy rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Water rating: 4 Stars

What we don't like

  • Only meant for couples or solo owners

BOSCH Front Load Washer- SERIES 8 - WAW28460AU

The list of features on this Bosch 8kg front load washing machine is virtually endless. The company managed to put together an impressive product at a moderate price.

While the 8kg of total load will not fit a big family, but this is extremely quiet washing machine, which makes it usable at any time of the day every day. Coupled with the eco- friendly, low consumption operation, the Ecosilence Drive is an ally on daily chores. The sides of the machine have been treated specially to avoid vibrations further reducing rumble and unwanted noises.

For those with children in the house, the Child Lock technology (now common to most brands) is very important.

Also, the "Allergy Plus" mode utilizes higher water temperature and levels to get rid of the detergent residues protecting your skin.

Finally, specific programs such as the "Superquick 15", "Delicates", "Sportswear", and "Mixed Load" make the unit be the perfect fit for every occasion.

If you are in the search for a mid-priced front load washing machine that can offer you a wide variety of programs while optimizing resources, this might be it. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can also check the below review.

What we like

  • Ecosilence Drive and Antivibration sidewalls for silent washing
  • "Superquick 15" to wash urgently in 15 minutes up to 2kg of clothes
  • "Allergy Plus" mode to remove any residual detergent and take better care of your skin
  • Child lock to avoid accidents
  • Energy rating: 4 Stars
  • Water rating: 5 Stars

What we don't like

  • 8kg of total load will not fit a big family

This Samsung front load washing machine is a great effort to reunite all the features you might need in a single machine. To begin with, for those who have noise issues with neighbours this is the quietest machine in the list. The water entering the unit is far noisier than the unit itself. This makes it ideal to be at your kitchen or any other high-transit spot in your house.

Also, those who worry about floor vibrations can buy here with confidence. This is all thanks to Samsung's VRT technology keeping the drum perfectly balanced at all times.

The fact that the unit has an "AddWash" function makes it very handy to add those last pieces of clothing you found on your way back from the washing machine.

Also very handy is the "Quick Wash" function which allows you to wash up to 2kg in fifteen minutes. Not so fast but also handy is the "Super Speed Cycle" that allows you to clean, rinse, and get your clothing ready in under an hour.

Finally, the "Smart Check Function" detects and gives you a solution for any problems the washing machine could have.

Very few front load washing machines you'll find in the market offer this wide array of features for the price tag. If you want convenience, good looks, and the backup of a great company, this might be the washing machine for you.

You can check Sofie's review video here.

What we like

  • Samsung's VRT technology for silent operation
  • "AddWash" technology allows users to add items once the washing cycle started
  • Smart check function to detect and solve problems
  • Super Speed Cycle to clean and rinse clothes in less than one hour
  • Energy rating: 4 Stars
  • Water rating: 4.5 Stars

What we don't like

  • Size is not adequate for big family

Frequently Asked Questions

Because there are always some loose ends to every post that leave us, readers, googling for more, here is the answer to the questions that still linger in your mind.

Why are front-loader washing machines more expensive?

It takes a simple walk around the washing machine section to realize that front load washing machines are more expensive than top load washing machines. The difference in the initial price responds to the fact that it is more expensive to manufacture the tumbler in the front load units than the top-loading ones.

The answer to this question, though, is not complete by saying just that because it is a fact that front load washing machines are more energy and water-efficient than their counterparts. So, in the long run, that saving on the initial price might translate into a more expensive experience overall. On the other hand, spending that extra money upfront will pay off in years to come. In conclusion, top-loaders are not cheaper in the long run, just upfront. For a more detailed explanation of how a front load washing machine works, you can check this video.

Can direct sunlight harm my washing machine?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Leaving your washing machine in direct exposure to the sun can harm several parts made of rubber and plastic. For example, the material of the door lock can suffer as well as the buttons used to control the functions. If the rubber locking the door deforms due to the heat, it can cause the unit to malfunction or even stop working.

Always keep your washing machine away from direct sunlight.

Should I leave the front door open when not washing?

The answer is a definite yes again. When you finish using a front load washing machine, there is a certain amount of moisture that can easily and rapidly turn into fungus, mould, and more. To prevent this from happening, you should always keep your washing machine dry in between cycles.

Leaving the door open or slightly open will help drastically to reduce or eliminate mould in your unit. For more tips on how to clean front load washing machine, you can check below videos and learn how to do it on a low budget with what you have at home.

Can my washing machine smell bad?

This is a total myth. New technology enhancements like antimicrobial rubbers, self-cleaning cycles, and keeping the front door open will help you maintain your unit smelling fresh daily. You can always check on the two videos mentioned above to know how to clean front load washing machine. It is important to say that modern front load washing machines when treated properly do not smell at all.

You can check on this video; other myths that people have created over the years for front load washing machines.

Are front-load washing machines environmentally friendly?

Front load washing machines are considered to be the most environmentally friendly units in the market. They utilize a smaller amount of water and soap and as a result, also electricity, because there is less to rinse.

When compared to top load washing machines you will not only be saving money in the long run but turning the world into a greener place for humanity as a whole. Being a responsible consumer is the first step for a better future.

Final Verdict

After this exhaustive rundown of the best units in the market, it is time to reach a verdict. The best overall machine in our opinion is the Samsung ADDWASH WW85K6410QX. It offers unrivaled features for the price and its silent operation will be music to the ears of whoever decides to buy it. If you want a larger unit, the FISHER & PAYKEL WH1260F1 is a great option with 12kg of loading capacity. Finally, those on a budget will find the Samsung WW75J54E0IW perfect for their pockets.

While the Samsung ADDWASH is our pick all the units in the list will provide you years of clean, soft clothes that will make you and your family happy. Buying a washing machine is not only for you but for those you love the most too; make a wise choice and start enjoying your clothes like never before.


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