Best Coffee Pod Machine in Australia for 2020

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

Early in the morning, everything is twice as hard. Getting out of bed turns into an odyssey but what if the amazing smell of just-brewed coffee could put a smile upon your face consistently morning after morning? That is what capsule coffee machine like the ones made by Nespresso are all about. We at ShopEasy did the research and hard work for you to help you choose the best coffee pod machine in Australia.

Why buy a Nespresso capsule coffee machine?

Before we get started with the machines themselves, let's take a look at some of the reasons why having a Nespresso capsule machine can change your life starting today.

Beautiful mornings

Most of us rush to work every morning. We get up with just the exact amount of time to do everything and enjoy at least 7 hours of sleep. Most Nespresso machines we are about to see are ready in 25 seconds.

Moreover, machines like the Lattissima One can offer you frothed milk for your beverage with just one button and no extra appliances.

Having a beautiful morning has never been so easy with a quick, true-espresso fix.

Explore the world of coffee from your home

The current variety of capsules offered by Nespresso for their machines is way larger than what you've tasted in your life so far. You can be standing on your fluffy paw sleepers and sipping Ethiopian coffee while the weather outside invites you to find a comfy couch and read the day away.

The entire world of coffee with a larger-than-life flavour catalog will be right at your fingertips and it is all the same effort: inserting the capsule and pressing one button.

Minimalist design for reduced spaces

Not all of us can install a full espresso machine in our kitchens. They are large, complex, and expensive. Nespresso came up with a revolutionary idea that indeed changed the world for coffee lovers.

Now you can brew your own Starbucks-quality coffee at home every morning utilising the same space a blender or a toaster would take. Also, most Nespresso machines are very simple to use with a maximum of three buttons to operate.

Environmentally-conscious apparatus

There are two main reasons why a Nespresso machine is environmentally conscious:

They shut off automatically – Because of their auto-off operation they do not consume as much power as other home appliances do. You can even program your coffee machine to turn off after being idle for only 3 minutes.

Nespresso recycles – The recycling program for the aluminium-made, disposable capsules allow users to drop the empty caps at any Nespresso facility; they even provide you with a special bag for them. Recycling always feels like an extra chore, but in this case, all you need is to put them in the recycling bag from the receptacle and drop them off when you get new ones.

There are plenty more reasons why a Nespresso capsule coffee machine is a great option, these are only some of the more relevant ones. Let's take a look at what your future portable coffee pod machine should look like.

Best Coffee Pod Machine in Australia


  • 25 seconds ready-time
  • 19 bar pressure
  • Small size, full brewing
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Class A electronic appliance featuring eco-mode

Not all of us, Nespresso lovers, have all the room in the world to install our machines. For those who have reduced space, DeLonghi and Nespresso came up with the Essenza Mini. It packages most of the benefits you'll find in other coffee pod machines but in a reduced space.

The Essenza Mini comes with everything you need to get started right from the box. You get the water container and also a set of pods to try out some of the different flavours available. Also, the heating time is only 25 seconds, which makes it ideal for early morning brewing.

With up to 19 bar of pressure, this little wonder is capable of some serious brewing in two sizes: lungo and espresso. One thing worth mentioning is that if you want to have an extra-large cup, you will have to remove the dipping tray. In case you like an extra-extra-large cup, you'll have to place the Essenza Mini on top of something to increase its height.

The Essenza Mini covers all the needs you might have for the basic pleasure of a cup of good coffee a day. Those who like caffeinated beverages with add-ons such as frothed milk will need to spend some more on getting a bigger, more complex model.

You can check this video for a detailed review.


  • Silent operation milk-frothing accessory
  • Cold or hot milk-frothing
  • 25 seconds of ready-time
  • Different colors - Red, White, Black, Silver
  • Welcome sets of capsules with each machine

What does the Essenza Mini need to make our coffee-loving hearts happier? State of the art frothed milk. The Aeroccino 3 does just that; it delivers creamy and delicious milk froth with minimal effort. Indeed, let's talk about the milk-frothing accessory first.

On the good side, it is extremely quiet and does its job perfectly. You can froth your milk cold or hot, which I think is great. Not all coffee pod machines get along with cold frothed milk, but to me, it is a great option for hot weather.

As an inside tip, when you're in a hurry in the morning, that cold frothed milk will help you cold your beverage down and be able to finish it before leaving. On the not-so-good side, it doesn't feature any kind of measurements inside to know how much milk we're pouring in.

The Essenza Mini is the quintessential Nespresso machine in a much-reduced package. Adding the Aeroccino takes it to a different level occupying close to the same amount of room in your packed kitchen marble. If you like to drink your coffee with milk or take your barista skills a little further than usual, you can't go wrong with this combo.

You can check this video to see it in action.


  • Solid construction
  • Removable drip tray and smaller tray for _Ristretto_
  • Bigger water container than the Essenza
  • Adjustable brewing

If you are ready for the next level in capsule coffee machine land, this might very well be it. The presentation is just much more solid and the replacement of many plastic parts with polished metal ones makes it look closer to “the real deal”. If you are familiar with Nespresso, you'll know that the higher you go on the line, the more luxurious it gets.

This machine is a combo that features the Aeroccino 3 for milk-frothing purposes. You can use it to froth the milk with or without the spring being able to prepare a cappuccino or a latte depending on your choice. Also, you can froth the milk hot or cold depending on your preference as well.

The big difference with the previous two, though, is that the Citiz is closer to a full espresso machine. It is not as small as the Essenza Mini, but it allows you to perform other actions. For example, you can adjust how much it can brew in each size and accommodate small and extra-large glasses or cups without removing any parts.

If you want a little more than the Essenza Mini but can't fit a full _Gran Latissima_ on the marble of your kitchen, the Citiz is right for you.

Although I don't agree with the script on her cup, you can check this cool unboxing video to see it in action.


  • A joint effort between Nespresso and Breville (An Australian brand name)
  • Traditional, elegant design
  • Aeroccino 3 for frothed milk
  • Minimalist approach, two-button operation

Breville and Nespresso joined forces to bring the best of Breville technology to create a line of affordable, home-ready, capsule coffee machine. Breville has been making top-notch, barista-ready espresso machines for decades. The bad thing about traditional Breville machines is that they occupy a lot of space and also cost a lot of money.

As a result of this joint effort, the quintessential, stripped-down Essenza Mini took a whole different flight. Gone are all the bells and whistles, colors and curves leaving behind a piano-black, elegant machine that is flat on the sides and on the top. Breville is known for traditional, highly-sophisticated espresso machines. But in this opportunity, they took Nespresso's minimalism as a motif and created a very simple machine with only two buttons.

As you would expect from these two brands, the result is completely flawless. With the addition of the Aeroccino 3 for milk frothing, it doesn't get much better than this combo in such a small package. It comes with a welcome pack of 16 different flavors that cover lungos and espressos.

If you need to use little room in your kitchen and like a more traditional look, this is a great choice. Also, the backup of a huge brand in coffee technology is always a plus when it comes to the internal mechanism.

You can check this video of a coffee fanatic to see it in action. If he approves, maybe so should we.


  • One-button latte brewing
  • Impeccable, sturdy construction
  • Heats up and is ready to use in 25 seconds
  • Descaling and cleaning lights
  • Welcome capsule pack included

Latissima One could very well be the name of a space rocket straight into the magnificent taste. This one-button latte creator is the evolution of having, for example, an Essenza Mini and an Aeroccino 3. With the Latissima One, you can simply fill the reservoirs with water and milk respectively, and let the machine do the magic.

Nespresso is a brand well-known for its minimalism when it comes to controls and pieces in a machine. This is no exception since all you need are basically three pieces: the detachable water reservoir, detachable milk-frothing device, and the machine itself. It all comes in various colors and is built with glossy hard plastic that looks and feels sturdy and durable.

Unlike the previous coffee pod machines, the Latissima One doesn't feature two buttons, but three with the addition of descaling and cleaning lights. These need to be performed by the user as per the instructions in the included manual.

The buttons on top will allow you to create all kinds of beverages. Besides the impeccable presentation, this coffee machine is also very quiet and heats up in only 25 seconds.

If you have a slightly higher budget and a little more room to fit in your kitchen, the Latissima One can easily become your best friend in no time.

You can check this video for unboxing and testing.


  • One electricity socket needed for two-machine operation
  • Shiny, elegant chrome finish
  • Built-in, detachable Aeroccino 3
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Removable tray and top tray for smaller cups

Some of us just can't get over the fact that espresso machines ought to be finished in chrome rather than any other fancy color. This joint effort between Nespresso and Breville features that awe-inspiring look while holding on to the simplicity you'll find in any other Nespresso machine. Of course, for those who want a little more control, you can always get the Citiz Expert and brew it exactly how you like it.

Apart from the beautiful chrome finish, this machine is indeed a two-in-one presentation. The milk-frothing Aeroccino 3 finds its docking place in the back of the machine and it all feeds on a single cord. This is great for those of us who don't have too many available sockets in our kitchens.

Opposite to the Latissima One, you can't get a single-button latte and need to fill the Aeroccino and work with it afterward (or before, depending on the drink).

If minimalism and killer looks are your thing, you'll enjoy dressing up your kitchen with shiny chrome and the simplicity of enjoying amazing coffee with two buttons and a capsule. Getting up early in the morning to go to work can have a whole different meaning with a cup from this machine.

Check this video to see it in action.


If you are the one, who just love chrome and a good coffee, then Breville Nespresso Citiz and Milk Espresso Machine is the way to go. It features everything you need plus killer looks. Those who enjoy more space over the marble, and their budget can afford it, will never go wrong with a beautiful, bigger machine as is the Lattissima One.

Whichever your choice is, you will never go wrong with any of these coffee pod machines we hand-picked for you. Happy coffee making!


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