Best Automatic Coffee Machine in Australia

Last Updated: November 28, 2020

It is a fact that sipping that fresh cup of espresso while the smell of coffee floods your home every morning is an unbeatable feeling. Moreover, hearing the best automatic coffee machine frothing the milk for the first creamy cappuccino of the day is to start it with the right foot.

Because we are just like you and know how you feel and what you want, we hand-picked the best home coffee machine in Australia and put together the ultimate bundle of coffee machine reviews for you.


Are you in the search for the best home coffee machine? Look no further, your next espresso coffee machine is on our list. But very often we ask ourselves, Is the best home coffee machine an automatic coffee machine or manual?

Before we get to the coffee machine reviews, let's consider this difference because it will have a huge impact on the way your coffee tastes.

Automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine is designed for all the needed operations for fresh espresso coffee with minimal user interaction (one button in many cases). This involves grinding the coffee and brewing it. Some machines even go further and add the milk steamer to this automatic process, but not all. The result is a great product that you usually can't fine-tune.

Manual coffee machine

Manual coffee machine require users to grind their coffee and make the perfect dose before brewing. This is a pro if you want to learn some barista skills and a con in the race for simplicity. The impact, in both cases, is huge, because too much or too little coffee will drastically change the way the espresso tastes; and that's the reason you bought the machine, right?

If you are after simple, but effective solution for getting Barista style coffee in the comforts of your home. Then you will definitely find your next espresso machine in this list. So fill your coffee mug and read on!!

Best Automatic Coffee Machine in Australia


  • 3-second heat-up time
  • Durable, sturdy construction
  • Exchangeable filter baskets and porta-filters with any other Breville unit
  • Small-sized machine
  • 3 temperature and 3 texture options for the milk frother
  • Multiple colour choice - Brushed stainless steel, black, sea salt

We can't have a rundown for the best coffee machine without including this wonderful machine. For those who are not familiar with Breville or have only used their Nespresso collaborations so far, this machine will introduce you to the real quality of the brand.

The Breville Bambino Plus is among the best home coffee machine in the market. It features a great array of options and instead of using pods like the Nespresso machines, you have to use old-school, utterly tasty ground coffee.

Some people have complained about not being able to adjust the filter singlehandedly, but that is common to most machines like this in the market. By just placing one hand on top, you can handle that chore in this machine without problems. It indeed is very small for the quality of coffee and the options it offers.

You can choose from three different textures and temperatures for your milk using the dedicated steaming arm. This means you can go from gentle latte-like milk to thick cappuccino-ready cream. Although available as a feature in more expensive Breville machines, you can't choose the coffee temperature. But again, if you are not a seasoned barista, that might be a plus for you.

With the ability to use porta-filters and filter baskets from any other Breville unit, and acquiring them as separate accessories, there is no going wrong with the Breville Bambino Plus. Finally, the looks are killer and it occupies half as much space as any other unit from the company.

If you want to know how to use Breville coffee machine, then here is an in-depth video review.


  • Automatic coffee grinder
  • Advanced PID controller to achieve temperature stability
  • Fast heat-up
  • Barista-ready milk frothing with no presets
  • Colours - Black, Silver, Stainless Steel

In the world of coffee machine reviews sometimes you come across a machine like this and want to keep it. This is not only an automatic coffee machine but a true entry-level barista at home. The coffee quality has got nothing to envy on that being made by your local café down the road. Plus, it is hard not to fall for that amazing smell in the morning and the noise of milk being frothed in an old-school way.

The Sunbeam EM5300K features a built-in grinder so you can drink freshly-grinded coffee every morning. This process is as simple as placing the filter in the dedicated spot and pushing down to activate the grinder. During those seconds you were busy grinding, the whole machine got ready to pour you some coffee. You can use the manual button to pour as much as you like or you can use the single and double-shot buttons. Due to the machine's pre-infusion technology, the coffee extraction is even and you get the best out of every grain.

Finally, you can froth your milk choosing if you want hot water or the steamer from a roller-selector on the top left side of your machine. You have to heat it old-school until the milk is ready for your preference. If you know exactly how you like it, you can tailor it further to your liking than with the Bambino Plus in which you have only three presets.

If you truly are a coffee lover and want to take your first steps into the barista world, this machine will be your new favorite. It does take more room than the Bambino Plus, but it also offers more features. If you have the budget and the room for it, this machine is a clear winner.

Here's a video of the Sunbeam Barista Max in action.


  • Full accessories kit
  • Cup heater on top
  • Fully programmable drinks
  • Milk-frothing arm included
  • Hot water dispenser

The reviews for the best coffee machine usually involves going into more complex machines. Such is the case of The Infuser by Breville. This is a no-compromise, barista-ready machine that allows you to learn and drink fabulous coffee at the same time.

In my opinion, for this to go into the podium for the best home coffee machine, it should feature a grinder; otherwise, you have to get one separately. Besides that fact, this is a fully-programmable unit that allows you to fine-tune it to your tastes from day one. You can forget about presets and levels because you're about to learn some barista skills. Just like the Bambino Plus, this unit comes with a PID to digitally control temperature is even throughout the process.

The one thing I found amazing was the accessories kit. You have everything you need to get started on your barista journey. It is hard to find a full kit in a machine this size and price. That being said, it was a little odd, though, to have the scoop and the razor, but no grinder.

Finally, it comes in different colours and with a dedicated milk-frothing arm that prepares everything from thick foam to creamy milk. If you have the budget and the room, this is a huge step into barista territory.

You can check this video for a demo and explanation.

If you confused between Bambino Plus and The Infuser, then watch this video for comparison between the two.


  • Small design
  • Available in different colours - Black, Red, White, Metal
  • Milk-frothing arm with two positions for cappuccino and latte
  • 15-bar professional-quality pressurizer
  • Single and double shot programmable buttons

This review is going back to a model that is a great first step out of the coffee pod machines and into the true espresso coffee machines. Besides making great coffee and being a glorious choice, it comes in different colours to match everything in your kitchen as well.

We're here to do coffee machine reviews so let's get right into it. The DeLonghi Dedica is a traditional-style barista pump, the espresso machine in the size of a pod Nespresso machine. You can have a superior-tasting coffee with thick cream utilising close to the same money and space you would use on a Nespresso machine with capsules.

The collapsible milk-frothing arm is great with its dual positions for latte and cappuccino. You don't have as much of an exactly-as-you-want-it approach, but it's very handy once you learn how to use it.

As for design and ease of use, it is one of the simplest in the market that retains all the stainless steel parts most of its competitors do. You get some plastic inside the filter basket, but that is about it.

If you want to brew amazing coffee without breaking the bank or using too much space in your kitchen, this can be a good-looking, easy to use, hip choice.

Check out this video to get answer for how to use Delonghi coffee machine.

Watch below video for a comparison with the Breville Bambino Plus.


  • 50s design in pastel colours
  • Various options - White, Cream, Red, Blue, Pink, Green
  • High-quality coffee with a barista-grade pump
  • Single and double shot filter cups
  • Sturdy construction

For those of us who are just seduced by great design, the SMEG 50s retro style couldn't be out of our list of best coffee machine. There are plenty of colours to choose from, in my opinion, the pastel 50s blue, green, and pink can't be beaten (except for chrome, but that's a different talk).

Can the SMEG compete for the best home coffee machine against brands like DeLonghi and Breville? The answer to that question is yes. Although the brand needs to improve the accessory line to refrain from the use of plastic, the quality of the coffee is up there with the best.

The milk-frothing arm works great and you can use your knowledge and practice to do it as you like it and also program the drink buttons to your exact taste. The removable tray will allow you to fit larger cups, and the temperature control to pour barista-grade espresso.

Speaking of barista-grade espressos, the company didn't include non-pressurised filters so you don't need to grind your coffee perfectly. This is a pro in terms of immediate great results and a con in terms of learning how to do it perfectly. That being said, the machine does not include a grinder.

If you are into aesthetics and need a small, easy to use machine for your everyday espresso, this might be it.

You can check this video for the machine in action and next video for the unboxing of a brand-new unit.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Breville quality in a small package
  • Thermocoil heating system
  • High-quality, sturdy, and durable construction
  • All accessories included

Having an amazing coffee every morning doesn't have to include any effort from your side. This truly is an as-easy-as-it-gets machine for espressos. Indeed, if you are looking to take a step forward from using capsules, this can be the perfect transition machine before going to more complicated models.

Breville makes some outstanding automatic coffee machines; indeed they are considered by many as the benchmark in the market. That is why they could come up with such a minimalist approach because consumers trust that the internal mechanism, the thermocoil heating system, and the Italian-made 15-bar pump are top-notch. The ease of use is extreme; it only takes turning the big wheel to one side or the other to get the best out of the Breville Cafe Venezia.

It is not often that we come across such ease of use when doing coffee machine reviews. This is a good exception and a terrific choice for those wanting the classic look and all the features of this legendary brand in an affordable, small package.

You can check this promotional video to see more of it.


Our rundown for the best coffee machine in Australia for this 2020 has come to an end. We went through all the candidates that would sit proudly on your kitchen marble as the best home coffee machine in the market and we have chosen a winner. The best automatic coffee machine for us is Sunbeam Barista Max EM5300K. To us, it is the one that offers the biggest number of options and can also be considered a great starting point in your barista career.

If you don't have the room or the budget for the Barista Max, the Bambino Plus by Breville is another excellent choice.

Whatever machine you choose, your morning coffee is going to kick start your day on high note. Happy espresso mornings!


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