Best air purifier in Australia | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: February 3, 2021

The quality of air is depreciating not only in Australia but in many other parts of the world as well. It is mainly due to our own activities, such as the use of products that emit VOCs in the air as well as tobacco smoking, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, pollution from factories and vehicles. One of the easiest way to minimise the impact is using an air purifier at home or work place. 

In this article we are going to review some of the best home air purifier in Australia.

What does an air purifier do

Everyone deserves to breathe clean and pure air. Situation is getting worse day by day and pure air has become very rare in many parts of the world. There are many other things that pollute the indoor air we breathe in our homes. The most common among these are accumulated dust and dirt, and other household chemicals that we use on a regular basis for cleaning, mopping and other chores.

Let's have a look at the various reasons air pollution shall occur in our households and most of which we are not even aware of. 

  • carpet Fumes
  • VOCs and Paints
  • Pets
  • Smoking
Carpet Fumes
There is a very good chance that the carpet will release the chemicals and this releasing is known as off-gassing. The most common health hazards that have been associated with these chemicals are dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and in some cases asthma-like reactions as well.
As an observation, it is normally seen that small kids have a rough time when they come in close contact with the carpets. HEPA air purifier is a good option to deal with this type of situation.

Some people even argue that indoor air is even worse than outdoor air because there are no trees inside the house and typically poor ventilation leads to more problems.

Although proper cleaning, dusting and vacuuming helps with reducing air pollution inside the house, but sometimes it is not enough and we need something to remove contaminants from the air and making it cleaner for the lungs.

One of the ways to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and unpolluted is to use an Air Purifier inside the house. Air purifiers are electronic devices that serve to clean the indoor air from all types of allergens and contaminants like dust, smoke, gases, virus and bacteria. Such a device absorbs dirty air and gives out clean air to improve the quality of indoor air that we breathe. Air purifiers are also known as air cleaners and HEPA filters and they are found in many different varieties.

Good quality air purifiers can be very expensive, they are designed to last for a long time mainly because of the fact that they usually operate round-the-clock. So it's a good idea to do some research before spending money on such a device. It not only needs to be effective in cleaning the air but also durable, easy to operate, easy to maintain and long lasting.

There are many Air Purifier available in the Australian market. However, Phillips is the one leading the market in this sector. In this post I am going to review 6 Best Air Purifier in Australia.

The first step in making an informed decision regarding the choice of an air purifier, that is good for your needs, is to learn about the different types of cleaners available on the market.

Types of air purifier in Australia

HEPA air purifier

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and HEPA filters are designed to trap around 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

In fact, many HEPA filters are manufactured to catch particles even smaller than 0.3 microns. HEPA is actually a standard but that doesn't mean that all purifiers based on this technology meet this standard.

A device based on this technology comes with a mesh of tangled fibers. Such a system is efficient only in removing particulate matter from the air but many other harmful contaminants may escape the filter. Some of these may get caught but they stay alive on the filter surface and contaminate it.

Because of this reason, the filters of such a device need to be replaced from time to time. Similarly, the filter may not prove to be effective in removing certain viruses and volatile organic compounds. These are some of the downsides of a hepa filter air purifier.

Ionizers and Ozone Generators

These types of air purifiers are not recommended as they produce ions and ozone to capture germs, which could cause health problems in some people. Most people prefer "ozone free" air cleaners so that there is minimal impact on the environment.

Some people argue that ionizers must not be confused with air purifiers because their purpose is different. It is recommended not to use such a device in occupied spaces.

Electrostatic air purifier filter

In addition to high-efficiency filters, many other types of filters are also used for making air purifiers. These include pleated, throwaway, washable and electrostatic filters. Electrostatic filters are made of passive woven polycarbonate panels that are self-charging.

They are efficient in catching dust mites, textile fibers, pollen, and sanding dust. They work like ionizers as they charge the particles found in the air. They also produce ozone, so they are not recommended for use in air purifiers meant for houses and apartments.

Activated carbon filters

These types of filters have been found to be very effective in trapping odours and gases that pass through them. They are therefore preferred for removing tobacco smoke and VOCs from the air.

It is a powerful feature that allows manufacturers of air cleaners to produce highly efficient devices for purifying indoor air.

A carbon filter air purifier is a combination of a HEPA and activated carbon is the most preferred choice. If you're worried about the smells in your house more than the contaminants, a simple carbon filter would do the trick.

Ultra-violet lights

Some air purifiers come with UV lights that prove to be germicidal. Since these types of air cleaners are rare, an alternative is to have these lights installed within your HVAC.

Stand-along systems found in this category usually require additional components like a HEPA filter to work best. When you hire a professional to incorporate this technology into your HVAC system, they usually give suggestions on how to get the most optimal results. UV light also has the ability to disinfect water and certain surfaces.

This discussion helps us to establish that a HEPA filter is the main component of any air purifier that is expected to remove all types of contaminants from the air. However, HEPA in its true sense may not be found in many of the devices available on the market.

Looking at user reviews, price and other features of an air cleaner, a consumer may determine which device is best suited to his or her requirements. Usually more expensive devices do not just purify the air, they also act as heaters or coolers and sometimes humidifiers to achieve additional benefits.

Best air purifier in Australia

Philips 2000

If you're looking for a mid-range air purifier for your home based on HEPA technology and efficient in removing allergens, bacteria and viruses, look no further.

This air purifier comes with advanced Vita Shield IPS technology, which helps to get rid of particles as small as 20nm. It is also efficient in removing certain VOC's and formaldehyde from air. The is very good air purifier for dust and known to provide relief against dust mite allergy and other types of allergies.

It produces very low noise and is therefore preferred for small apartments and small room size.

Aera Sense is the name given to a sensor technology that identifies fine particles. The same technology also sends accurate information to the device in order to set the purifier's settings at the ideal level.

It gives real-time feedback regarding the quality of indoor air in order to determine how long should I keep my air purifier on. Philips is considered the giant of all electronic devices and particularly air purifiers so you can spend your money on this device without any hesitation.

It's RRP is $549 but generally available with good discounts on Amazon AU. There are more expensive models available on the market by Philips and they come with many other advanced features. Check them out if you're looking for an air purifier that would last for many years to come.


  • Very quiet and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Low noise at sleep mode
  • Removes fine particles, even smaller than PM 2.5


  • Filters needs to be replaced regularly
  • Little bulky
This air purifier identifies fine particles and comes with advanced Vita Shield IPS technology. Hence one of the best air purifier for dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses at home.

Winix 5300-2

This is a highly rated and quietest air purifier in Australia, owing to its ability to remove a large range of allergens including dust, tobacco smoke, smoke dust, pollen, pet dander and mould spores.

It is also effective in removing foul smell from indoor air offering a continuous supply of clean and unpolluted air. It is also very reasonably priced and is recommended for large areas like living rooms and offices. It consists of a HEPA filter as well as a carbon filter that reduces odour from the air.

Another attractive feature of this device is it's filter replacement indicator that indicates when it's time to change your filters in order to keep enjoying its benefits.

It comes with PlasmaWave technology, which is the third stage in its air purification system. It is super quiet and very powerful, hence recommended for the entire house or apartment.

Some people recommend it for kitchens where a lot of cooking usually takes place and causes smoke and odours. Its advanced HEPA filters helps to capture about 99.97% of fine particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.


  • Easy to clean filters
  • Powerful noise reduction feature
  • Sleep mode for silent night operation
  • Comes with a CADR rating of 360 sq. ft.


  • Filters could be overpriced for some people.
It's a highly rated air purifier among the consumers because of its range of benefits. ShopEasy also highly recommends this air purifier.

Xiaomi Smart Mi

If you're in search of a reasonably priced air purifier that consumes low power and saves energy, comes with smart features and multiple operating modes, this one fulfills all your requirements.

The device has the ability to clean indoor air within 10 minutes. It comes with an activated carbon filter that is effective in removing almost all types of allergens including formaldehyde and bad smell.

It also comes equipped with a smartphone app from where the consumer can easily control its settings. It effectively detects PM 2.5 concentration of air and indicates the quality to determine how long should I keep my air purifier on.

Like many other inexpensive air purifiers available on the market, the filters of this one need to be changed every 6 months or so. Considering it's advanced features and excellent price, this doesn't seem like a great problem.

It is good air purifier for dust and to remove pet dander and pollen from all corners of the house and is therefore a preferred choice of a lot of people out there.


  • Comes with a mobile app for more flexibility.
  • Three layers of activated carbon filter.
  • OLED display screen gives useful feedback.
  • Powerful technology at a great price.


  • Portability issue because of its weight.
  • Filters need to be replaced every 6 months or so.
This air purifier consumes low power and has the ability to clean indoor air within 10 minutes. This powerful technology is very reasonably priced as well.

AROVEC air purifier

This is a simple and affordable yet extremely powerful air cleaner and it is ozone free, which means it does not harm the environment.

It is compact and beautifully designed and can be used in homes and offices. Its replacement filter is very cheap, which makes it a preferred choice for a lot of people out there.

It has been found to be very effective in neutralising air dust and capturing pet dander. It also removes smoke, smoke dust and gets rid of the odour that comes with it.

The device is easy to use and operate and the best thing is, it is totally affordable. If your kids suffer from regular nasal congestion and other types of allergies, this air purifier is highly recommended.

It operates quietly throughout the night.


  • This air purifier helps in nasal congestion
  • It is effective for allergies and asthma
  • 100% ozone free
  • Very easy to operate
  • 3 fan speed settings


  • May not be capable of neutralising odours
  • It's noise reduction feature may not work well
An extremely powerful air purifier for asthma patients. Also, it is ozone free, which means it does not harm the environment.

Afloia portable air purifier

Another air cleaner that offers purified air through advanced functionality including carbonised pre-filter and a true HEPA filter, this one receives high rating because of it's amazing features.

The design is simple yet highly attractive. It has been found to be the best air purifier for allergy sufferers at a great price. It also makes the air less humid and hence your indoor environment more comfortable.

Since this device comes at a great price, a lot of people prefer it.

If you want to experience clean air without any allergens including dust, pollen, pet dander and mould spores, look no further.


  • Designed to be portable.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Is often found in the top 10 list of best air purifier.


  • It produces noise on high setting.
  • Does not come with remote sensing technology.
It has been found to be the best air purifier for allergy sufferers at a great price. It also makes the air less humid and hence your indoor environment more comfortable.

TruSens Z-3000

TruSens Z-3000 air purifier is one of the best air purifier available out there in terms of their air cleaning performance.

It effectively reduces airborne particulate matter up to 99.85% within one hour. It comes with smart pollutant sensor technology that serves to detect allergens and dust mites present even from a distance.

The device is very easy to use and it's powerful functionality helps to capture not only large particles but also VOC gases and microscopic germs.

It comes with a Sensor Pod, which is a remote sensor to be put away from the purifier. This device provides information about the quality of air and the purifier adjusts its settings according to that feedback.

It might be bit expensive for some people, but it is totally worth the price.


  • Cleans the air effectively within one hour.
  • Comes with an advanced remote sensing technology.
  • Dual flow air streams.
  • 4 purification levels: washable pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA and UV.


  • Could be little bulky with a weight of 6kg.
  • Price could be a discouraging factor for some people.
It comes with smart pollutant sensor technology that serves to detect allergens and dust mites present even from a distance.

Air purifier benefits

Asthma and Allergies

Air purifiers help to improve the quality of indoor air by removing contaminants, gases that cause smell and tobacco smoke. These devices also remove allergens that trigger asthma and other types of allergies. Because of this reason, they are advertised as highly beneficial devices for asthma sufferers particularly children.


Volatile organic compounds or VOC's are well-known carcinogens and they are present in our surrounding air as a result of some processes that are normally carried out in the house.

Some products including beauty products and cosmetics are also known to emit VOCs into the air. These are cancer-causing agents that need to be removed from the air we breathe.

Some high quality air purifiers available on the market help to remove these compounds from the air improving its quality and saving us from their long-term dangers.

Lung Disease

Since air purifiers trap tobacco smoke and removes its odour from the air, they are effective in preventive lung disease.

Second-hand smoke has found to be the leading cause of lung disease in children and it is therefore recommended to clean the air.

HEPA filter air purifier and activated carbon filter air purifier are good in this regard.


Air purifiers have also been found to be effective in controlling mosquito production and hence prevent infections caused by these insects. The devices can help eliminate the use of mosquito repellents and sprays that are harmful for children.


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